Client reviews

Edyta has been teaching Yoga for children with special needs in my classroom for two years. We are working in a special school, so it is very important to have teachers like Edyta. She is brilliant, calm, creative, positive and she is always supporting us with our more challenging pupils through her yoga session. Thanks Edyta.
Jorge PĂ©rez
Edy helped Gracie during the various lockdowns with yoga classes. Every session was so personal and well organised specifically for Gracie and her needs. The tools provided for each session and as a takeaway from each lesson helped Gracie to focus so much better during such a difficult time. Edy was also able to adapt to Gracies needs easily and every session was amazing fun!
Charlotte Jarrett
My son, now 25, has severe learning difficulties, hemiplegia, and other mobility issues. He can exhibit behaviours of distress. He has been having regular weekly yoga sessions with Edy for 14 months now. He always looks forward to them, always makes sure he is ready, and is always calm and happy after the sessions. We have noticed that he is more able to stretch his body and limbs, and that his balance has improved. He also benefits hugely from the relaxation and meditation elements of the sessions. They have become an essential part of his week.
Jane HvH
Heart with yoga was a wonderfully beneficial class for the students with complex additional needs. It grounded them, helping them to be present in the moment and bring self awareness to their own physical form. It was one of the few lessons where all the students would engage together as a group and it helped support their mobility and wellbeing. I highly recommend!
Helena Adelina